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Natural Waterfall

My life-long practice of improvising

super gentle cello-centric auditory doses 

in the company of improvising dancers is now broadcasting on FaceBook Live! Stream the music for dancing, body work, yoga, driving, dining, relaxing, sleeping . . .



10-11 EST


Suggested Donation $5-10

Just go to the Stephen Katz (FB) Page at showtime and the JamStream will appear as a regular post.

Recordings of most JamStreams will appear in the JamStream Archive about a week after the event.

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What's in a jam?

I've been playing at dance jams in Western Massachusetts since the mid 90's. People of all ages gather in big, open spaces, take off their shoes, and move for a few hours at a time to live music. Playing for dance jams has become an artistic/spiritual practice for me, and many of my recordings are taken directly from the jams. While playing solo cello and other instruments, I accumulate notes and rhythms with what's commonly referred to as a "looper". Loopers are electronics that record and play back what I just played so I'll have me to play along with as I weave together multiple layers of music for the dancers.

Post COVID I'll be available to Jam in your community  world wide!

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