So, what's with the juggling ball? 

The answer is Whirled.

​Whirled is the really fun, satisfying, illuminating physical practice I've been developing since 1995 that's changed my life in many beneficial ways. Practiced with a single juggling ball or equivalent, there are only a few  principles that Whirled depends upon, mostly related to keeping the ball moving along continuous lines of motion. Hm... Sounds a lot like Flying Pizzicato, only with a ball.
The ball plays a cameo role in the first act of Angels in the Engine Room. Act 2, premiering at the Paper String Revolution in January 2022 (TBA) will feature the ball!

Stay tuned to this page for more about Whirled, including online and in-person Whirled Classes. And feel free to contact me with questions!

Stephen performs at Weill Recital/Carnegie Hall