Next broadcast:

Saturday, Oct 31

10-11:30am EDT

Suggested Donation $10-20

C-Moan (my cello) and I invite you to tune in BELOW on Saturday morning, October 17th for 90 more minutes of live streamed, improvised, super gentle, cello-centric auditory doses!

This time we'll be reading and musically responding to the messages you send us through the MIXLR* chat window during the broadcast. Click on my picture to access that function.


Cello Medicine is administered thru bi-weekly, high quality, real-time audio broadcasts streamed via *MIXLR ("mix-ler"). 

Till then, open the Cello Medicine Cabinet here for lightly edited versions of previous broadcasts posted to the Cello Medicine Cabinet playlist. 

The 10/3/20 recording will be added soon.

Please listen using your highest quality audio device. Mobile devices or tiny computer speakers won't sound so good, mostly because they don't project low tones very well. And stereo listening (two speakers or a decent pair of earbuds) will generally sound even better.

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