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Mini Thanks

Simple Version

This entry-level version of Mini Thanks presents the basic Flying Pizzicato challenges of frequent string crossings, left-hand pull-offs, "ghost note" open strings and cascading harmonics.

What to do about slurs?

Let the left hand pull-off or hammer-on the notes. 

Let me know if you have questions!

Click sheet music for free hi-res downloads

and go to publications for the full version of Mini Thanks.

Mini Thanks - short original.jpg

The blue note heads show ghost notes for the first phrase. Play them so lightly that they serve as timekeepers while leaving space for the bass voice melody.

Mini Thanks first line ghosts shot.jpg

If ghost notes didn't exist between melody notes (see next example), the right hand fingers would still move in time while passing silently over the strings. Arrows show right hand stroke directions as they would occur if ghosts were exorcised ;). 


DOWN arrows represent thumb strokes.

UP arrows represent 1st finger strokes.

Mini Thanks melody strum dir shot.png

Here are the 4th and 8th measures with strum directions during slurs (pull-offs).

Mini Thanks simple PULLOFF arrows m4.jpg
Mini Thanks simple PULLOFF arrows m8.jpg
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