Angels in the Engine Room

A cellist sees the light between BACH and a hard place

Saturday, January 25

7:30 PM
School for Contemporary Dance & Thought

25 Main Street, Northampton, MA

Tickets/More Info TBA

While Katz performs J.S. Bach's Cello Suite in G Major, he also plays a cellist who gets ahead of himself in surprising ways. With the cherished, 300-year-old Suites in hand, you'd think he'd leave well enough alone. But hear him out, (and watch out), 'cause you may experience thoughts you never thunk before!

~ ~ ~

Angels In The Engine Room is my updated, full-length, one-cellist show that includes what I'll perform at the Bach Cello Suites Festival premier at Carnegie Recital Hall on March 3!

 AER is the cello-movement-theater piece I've been working on since 2015. If you saw it a few years ago, you'll probably recognize some of that material in what I'll do at SCD&T and Carnegie. Remember the juggling ball?

It's coming with me. 

This video promo from a few years ago will give you a glimpse of what's up in the Engine Room . . .

Here's how it all began...

with a world premier in a snowstorm. 

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